Episode Seven – Part 2 – Sexual Abuse and Jehovah’s Witnesses – David’s Story

(see Part 1  for full notes)

Trigger Warning:  Sexual Abuse Discussion

In Part 2 you will learn more about Steve B. and his interactions with David.  You will see how relationships impacted David, both for the good and the bad as years went by.  You will see how the “loving spiritual shepherds”, the elders in the congregations, treat those that are shunned and trying to come back to their flock.  You will learn about David’s eventual path out of the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses and his new life as he is shunned.

8 thoughts on “Episode Seven – Part 2 – Sexual Abuse and Jehovah’s Witnesses – David’s Story”

  1. Hi David, My name is Linda James. I also go by ApostaBabe Linda James here and there.
    Listening to you is so relatable.
    Thank you for your vulnerability and authenticity as you told your story. I was with you every step of the way. You literally took me there me there with you. I have to laugh about some of the intellectual intercourse JW{.}ORG has strategically used once I’ve come to realize what it was.
    It’s really helpful for my transition from that slavery mindset to freedom of mind.
    I love The BITE Model by Steven Hassan, and The Critical Thinker Channel on YouTube with J.T. and Lady C. as well.
    You are a good man David with a beautiful heart. Know that.

    1. Thank you Linda,

      I am glad you took the time to listen and reach out to me as well. I am freer and happier now than I have ever been. I am glad you too have experienced that freedom! I probably say this too often, but here it goes again… these days I am so happy, light and free it wouldn’t surprise me at all if I just started floating and inch of the ground. I wish everyone out there knew what you and I seem to, and that there is a beautiful life on the outside!

      Thanks again for reminding me of my beautiful and kind heart.

      As you said, a GOOD MAN,

  2. David

    Hi again.

    Another very moving and honest interview. I am stunned at the description of your marriage and how you couldn’t be 100% honest and essentially be your authentic self in the first JW marriage (among other things that you mentioned).

    Because of these very same things, my marriage has undergone immense pressure. Unbearable at times. I blame the religion for putting a divide in my otherwise loving and healthy family. I’ll never forgive it and I honestly can’t see the bitterness leaving me, such is the extent of the damage.

    I’m glad you’re happy now. You have underwent and tolerated a lot. Your honesty and complete transparence on this interview will help many people.

    A word of caution regarding your children – having a non believing father will present your children with massive internal dilemmas in the face of Watchtower teachings regarding the fate of unbelievers. Please do counter this in any way you can. I had a massive problem with my daughter at a very young age being mentally distressed and I believe psychologically damaged over the fact that she was being taught that I was going to die for my lack of faith. Killed by god.

    Of course, the witnesses and indeed sadly my wife were in complete denial about the effect of that but it all became manifest in a very distressing and ugly manner.

    It really isn’t healthy at all for children to be taught this and presented with this constant dilemma and stress.

    You have to do what you think is right, but please take it from me – exposure to that religion in this familial scenario will have long term consequences for your children.

    I wish you nothing but the best. I can hear your kindness and your good heart.

    Thanks also to Mike for hosting.

    Best wishes


    1. Thank you Craig,

      I am happy to be understood by you, but saddened that you know all the too well the effects in a marriage this all has. It’s interesting to think that inside each person battles are always raging, some very big victories have only been won in secret. Also inside every relationship battles are being fought. Add to that the fact that inside this religion battles are ever ongoing… and then put all that upon a child. So, so, sad. It’s no wonder young ones are affected as much as they are. I am doing all I can, without crossing lines with my own children that would make me feel gross or petty. I am by no means passive, but don’t want to add to the this side/that side confusion they already have. My sons are young yet and I never want them to feel like an instrument between two households with battling ideologies. When they get old enough to question more I will use the opportunity to show them another way.

      It’s hard though, as you know, and I am sorry for the pain it has caused in your life. I do believe love conquers all and they will eventually see the unloving ways of the Organization.

      Thanks again for your support and kind attention

  3. Hi Dave.
    I listened to your story. I’m sorry!! I had no idea! I didnt know…. You were a very important person to me and it kills me that I didn’t make myself more approachable to you. I was never molested but my baby boy was a couple years ago and it changes a person on the inside. It didn’t even happen to me but I feel like it did. It only happened once to him so I’m proud that you have been able to get this off your chest and be so happy finally!! Gives me hope for my son. My heart goes out to you Dave! Much Love-Katie H

    1. Thank you Katie,

      Don’t ever feel like you weren’t there for me. Until recently I could count on one hand the people I told personally. Years ago my Mom told others against my wishes, I felt it was a very personal issue and she had no right to tell even my family members… it’s just not something I went around sharing. I always hated that after I was DF’d he was taking such an interest in Ryan, Gammy, and Gasiem. I hated that I was so silent.

      It pains me greatly that your own child has gone through this. You said “Baby”, but I am assuming you just meant youngest… or am I wrong? That is just terrible anyone has to go through that. I feel for you and hope he turns out just fine. Truly though, professional help goes a long way in recovery. If you haven’t already, I can’t encourage you enough, DO SEEK HELP.

      I hope I am not out of line in asking is this the curly haired chap, it’s been years but I think I remember his curls being so amazing, like a soft little sheep?

      This really truly does trouble me, I’ve often asked myself… if “God” could remove just one thing to make the world a better place what would I want removed? Hunger, violence, disease, there are just too many… so I decided that I just wish children were off limits. All evils can exist but they should not allowed to touch a child or person until like age 25.

      I just hate seeing young and innocent ones suffer. I am so sorry you have to know a pain that no one should know. And I bet you’d switch places with him in a second if it meant you’d be hurt and not your child. Be strong Katie… I don’t believe in the Bible really anymore, but it was right about “Love conquers all”. Love you children, show them love, and love yourself.

      Love your friend,

  4. Yeh it was Brayden. He was 4 and the kid was 12. Sadly whether you tell the justice system or not there’s really no justice these days for kids being abused. I was ready to take care of it myself with no thought of remorse but I couldnt bare the thought of leaving my kids for 1 act of revenge 😥 I would instantly trade spots with him if it was possible. We both are going to counseling now because it’s a struggle daily especially since that family moved back and I see his mom here and there. Ugh it’s tough. But people like you who are warriors and have made a life and she happy through such a hard life do inspire me and comfort me to know life is possible after it’s all said and done

    1. Again Katie,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad I could inspire you guys in any way. Life is possible, and a good one at that! All we can do is our best! Your kids will have emotional scar tissue from this and other things, sadly, that is inevitable. But no matter the things they are angry about or questioning in their own lives, I think just them knowing you love them unconditionally and they never have to question or be angry about that, that will go a long way.

      I wish I knew what else to say, or how I could help more. Just know that I think you’re doing good and you should be proud of who you are. It’s not always easy, but so worth it. Keep going, you, yourself are a strong person and I am inspired and proud to know that you are doing all you can for yourself and your own kids.

      Much love,

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